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50% of the outstanding votes plus one vote.


Half plus one of ownership of a company. Control gives the person or group having it the ability to make all decisions on how the company operates. In a publicly-traded company, control comes from buying more than half of the common stock.


the process of ensuring that activities are carried out as intended. Control involves monitoring aspects of performance and taking corrective action where necessary. For instance, control of expenditure involves regular monitoring of expenditure figures, comparison of these with budget targets, and decisions to cut or increase expenditure where any discrepancy is believed to be harmful. Without control an ORGANIZATION cannot function: employees would go their own way (possibly with the best of intentions) and the organization would fragment, making COORDINATION impossible. Control can, therefore, be viewed as a central component of MANAGEMENT.

Some writers in the SOCIOLOGY OF WORK have argued that, since (in their view) employers' and employees' interests are opposed, control of labour is the main task of management. Without it, workers would behave in a way which is detrimental to managerial goals. Research has shown, however, that many managers attach more importance to other managerial functions (such as budgeting), whilst it is questionable whether employees would necessarily act in the way suggested. See ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS.

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Similarly, Gerbino and colleagues (7) compared balance in different types of athletes and found that both dancers and soccer players had less postural control with visual restriction than when visual information was available.
The force platform has been considered as the gold standard for the assessment of the postural control system (2, 6).
These findings suggest that a small amount of flexibility is needed for proper postural control of the body.
Its lightweight custom back support incorporates body alignment, pressure distribution, and directional forces for comfortable postural control.
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Dynamic postural control can be assessed using the Dynamic Postural Stability Index (DPSI) (Wikstrom et al.
And more, they showed an improvement in postural control, balance, increased muscle strength and lean mass, and lost body fat.
In their review of postural control in young adults and attentional demands, Woollacott and Shumway-Cook found no significant difference in the postural sway during a cognitive task.
The effects of regular physical activity have contributed significantly both to the development and maintenance of efficiency of reflexes involved in postural control and promoting improvement in neural responses, which allows for a better control of the body to prevent falls (19).
Although the PPV patients were instructed to give priority to the cognitive task, the patients rather focused on good postural control instead of a good performance of the cognitive task.
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We hypothesized that the primary endpoint is indicated by (i) a stiffening-up strategy of postural behavior before treatment and a secondary endpoint is signalled (ii) by a positive modulation of postural control and relief from the psychological distress after PTI.