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Not only are many of the Star alums conservative, like their bosses, but they also share an almost pathological hatred of the Post, the liberal nemesis that put them on the street and lacked the good sense to offer them jobs.
2: 4 screens for 3, who cuts to the strong-side low post and then to the corner.
Several outside critics, including this magazine, have chided the Post for downplaying news that has a direct and potentially immediate impact on its readers.
Obviously, the direction of the entry pass will determine which wing enters the triangle, enabling us to keep our tallest players in the post areas, where they can create defensive mismatches.
Note how 5, after ducking into the lane can read the defense and then establish a low post in the area vacated by 2.
Dubai Central (Karama) Post Office and Al Khor Post Office in Dubai;
We begin the teaching process by defining the five positions that have to be played whenever the ball enters the offensive post.