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In addition, they found a positive correlation between serum and adipose tissue vaspin levels and waist-to-hip ratio and BMI.
In all three breeds, high positive correlation was observed between udder length and solids non-fat.
Under rain shelter conditions a highly significant and positive correlation (0.48) was observed between total grain yield per plant and relative water contents.
Results concluded from data of this study shows that Curve of Spee shows positive correlation with ANB value or maxillo-mandibular discrepancy.
This shows that there was a strong positive correlation between competition anxiety and fear of failure, which is in line with previous findings11-14.
In addition, there was a positive correlation between the dose of pregabalin and alcohol addiction (Cramer's V=0.152), dope addiction (Cramer's V=0.132), number of going to the infirmary in the last six months (Cramer's V=0.268), number of referring to the hospital in the last six months (Cramer's V=0.245) and last three months (Cramer's V=0.229).
To conclude the majority of the children fell into normal BFP category, females had a higher mean BFP when compared to males, and there was a strong positive correlation between BMI and BFP.
While human telomerase reverse transcriptase showed a high correlation with only pontin (p<0.001) in normal tissues, high positive correlations were observed between human telomerase reverse transcriptase with pontin (p<0.005), reptin (p<0.01) and dyskerin (p<0.01) in tumour tissues.
There is significant positive correlation of HbA1c with Urinary ACr & S.
A member of Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, told Philippine lawmakers on Thursday that human rights 'should never be taken for granted,' citing a positive correlation between human rights protection and high living standards.
A positive correlation between the angle of NS/OPT and SNA angle was found (r = 0.103; r = 0.112) in the patients with I and II class, however, the degree of this dependence was not statistically significant.
Major yield components i.e., plant height, bolls per sympodia, boll weight and seeds per boll revealed significant (p[?]0.01) positive correlation with seed cotton yield.