position trader

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Position trader

A commodities trader who takes a long-term approach in maintaining positions in the market and does not close out of these positions until close to the delivery date.

Position Trader

An investor who practices buying and holding. That is, position trading occurs when a trader buys a security and does not sell it until it is at or near maturity. If the security is a stock or otherwise does not have a maturity date, the position trader holds it indefinitely. The term "position trading" is most common in commodities, where it refers to a trader that does not sell a commodity contract until the delivery date is close (usually for several months). See also: Value investor.

position trader

A security trader who holds a position overnight, and, in some cases, for even longer periods. Position traders differ from day traders and scalpers who operate within shorter time frames.
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The long-term position of these traders allows for greater movements in the currency pair over time, and so position traders tend to expect larger profits from each trade.
Though trading volume has remained elevated, excessive intraday volatility means that many position traders are currently out of the market and unwilling to sustain sharp price swings.
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