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If a portal site is particularly popular, download times can be slow and browsing time can be long.
The expansion of the portal site also provides Call-Net with an exciting opportunity to broaden its revenue generating capabilities.
The new portal site is also designed to easily accommodate on-line advertising.
But he said he would not unify the portal sites, at least for the time being, as different categories of Web surfers have used them.
We provide this site as a translation portal site where users well versed in each field can construct highly precise dictionaries for their own fields by registering dictionary data.
The City of Chicago's portal site provides the public with a wealth of information from all of the city's departments, including the Mayor's Office, the Department of Health and the Chicago Public Library," said Christopher C.
one of Japan's leading Internet service providers, has selected FAST to power the multimedia searching capabilities on its search engine portal site, goo (http://www.
Vehicle trade-in, private-party and retail values for used car models dating back to 1982 can now be found quickly and easily in Spanish not only on popular portal sites frequently visited by the Hispanic community as well as kbb.
Advanced templates will allow MMSN employees to contribute content under a particular template, so they will be able to maintain control over the look and feel of the content on the various sections of the reseller portal site.
Leveraging its existing bandwidth, customer base and fiber-optic resources, SCN is ready to launch the first broadband portal site in China.
Specifically, 36% of consumers who aggregate their accounts at portal sites are spending less time at the Web site of their financial institutions, and 9% have stopped visiting these sites entirely.