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But OECD said few countries currently apply the polluter pays principle to the sector because the sector's contaminant levels are difficult to measure at reasonable cost with existing technology, they are often scattered across wide areas, and due to other obstacles.
Regulators in the United States, the European Community, and Japan have responded to this concern by merging the polluter pays principle into their domestic environmental liability regimes.
Adopting an own initiative report by Caroline Lucas (Greens/EFA, United Kingdom) on 5 July by 439 votes to 79 with 102 abstentions, the assembly, sitting in plenary session in Strasbourg, urged the European Commission to tackle the problem and apply the polluter pays principle to the aviation sector.
Philip Downing, head of environmental research, said: 'The polluter pays principle seems more acceptable than other forms of charging because of its simple logic - penalising bad activities that are undesirable.
The Fund follows the Polluter Pays principle and ensures that court-awarded penalties are used for projects with positive environmental impacts and in the manner intended by the court.
One of the things we will consider is a polluter pays principle.
Risk assessment must be made legally compulsory and operation permits must include a formal agreement for closure and aftercare, putting the polluter pays principle into action.
Created in 1995, the Environmental Damages Fund follows the Polluter Pays Principle and helps ensure that polluters take responsibility for their actions.
The European Parliament had insisted on a reference to the OSPAR Convention and this was included in the text of the Decision, along with the polluter pays principle.
It would help gradual capacity building of the Urban Local Bodies by setting ground for recovery of user charges on Polluter Pays Principle.
Were an international agreement on a kerosene tax or other economic instruments to secure the desired improvement not forthcoming, the report proposes the introduction of a Community-wide environmental charge based on the polluter pays principle.