Insurance policy

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Insurance policy

A contract detailing an insurance policy and outlining what risks are insured, what insurance premiums are to be paid by the policyholder, what deductibles prevail, and all the details associated with a policy.
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Insurance Policy

The contents of an insurance contract. The policy describes the specific types of coverage (life, health, etc.), the restrictions that apply, and the applicable deductibles and premiums. Only the insurer makes legally enforceable promises in an insurance policy: the insurance company cannot legally compel the insured person to pay his/her premiums, but the insured person can sue to compel the insurer to provide coverage if it does not do so. All insurance policies, however, include a provision allowing the insurer to refuse coverage if the insured person does not pay the premiums.
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An excess policy that is written on a follow form basis contains a provision that stipulates that the terms, definitions, conditions, limitations and exclusions in the primary, policy are incorporated by reference into the excess policy.
In contrast, other jurisdictions have applied the rule even where the policy contains a clause limiting coverage to injuries which disable the insured within a specific number of days from the accident.
Policyholders, not the insurer, decide where to direct investments within a tax-protected life insurance policy. Some term life insurance policies can be converted to variable life insurance.
Other policies that have benefited from being vetted first by the SLs are the e-mail encryption policy and the public internet address policy.
Once a family chooses us, they also are choosing to accept our policies, including the make-up policy. If they do not like our make-up policy, they can exercise their freedom of choice by deciding to go to another studio.
In his campaign for re-election, President Bush was fond of saying that he stood for "saying what you mean, and meaning what you say." So far, his Treasury's policy toward China's exchange rate policy has been anything but that.
These facts mean that the coverage under a typical private company D & O policy actually has been expanded to provide protection against many forms of corporate liability.
Yet policy makers have done too little to fix the nation's confusing system of authority over coastal and marine ecosystems, says initiative member Andrew Rosenberg, a fisheries scientist at the University of New Hampshire.
American lobbies are, more importantly, significantly superior to voter behavior and opinion polls in their impact on foreign policy decision-making.
Purpose: The purpose of the insurable interest requirement is to ensure that a policy does not fall into the forbidden class of "wager contracts," taken out by people who are wholly unrelated to the insured and thus who have a "direct interest in [the insured's] early termination" (Warnock v.
Despite these achievements, comparative social policy inquiry is still challenged by numerous problems and it is with regard to some of these problems that Patricia Kennett has brought together some of the leading scholars in the field to discuss and debate some of the most pressing and interesting issues facing comparative social policy today.
Agencies will submit a copy of their acquisition of services policy and a chart illustrating the agency oversight function.

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