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Muslim leaders in Birmingham have urged the Government and the public to exercise caution before pointing the finger of blame for the bombings at the Muslim community.
Blame is an easy tool that Tyndale has in abundance, perhaps the realisation of our vulnerability is more in keeping with events than pointing the finger and blaming someone.
His mom, his dad, maybe even he himself before his birth?" And in pointing the finger, or fingering the guilty, we know we're really OK.
It seems as though people are so busy pointing the finger at other people, when they should be pointing the finger at themselves.
Within an hour Kenteris emerged to reveal he was pulling out of the Games, would no longer work with Tzekos and pointing the finger of blame at Greek officials and federations for the furore that has surrounded him since he missed a drugs test at the Olympic Village last Thursday.
By pointing the finger elsewhere, the Chinese can rationalize a refusal to make lasting changes in their practices.