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In this highly competitive real estate market, the team of Rochelle Atlas Maize & Gayle Weiss, Luxury Estate Specialists at Nourmand & Associates in Beverly Hills, were successful in not only locating this private pocket listing but also orchestrating the transaction.
Before taking his life, he had placed a note in his pocket listing the names of those he alleged had received illegal funds.
A pocket listing actually is a real estate term for a kind of under-the-table deal, a deal where it's not really publicized and it's not really advertised.
In November 2013, news was out that the residence was being sold as a pocket listing and the rumored asking price was about $4 million.
To request a pocket listing, owners must sign a form stating that they don't want their homes to appear on the MLS.
New York, Mar 29 ( ANI ): Madonna has reportedly put up her French Country-style mansion, in Beverly Hills as a pocket listing with the asking price of 28 million dollars.
With access to off market & pre market real estate, let Synthien introduce you to exclusive pocket listings within the prestigious Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.
Pocket listings are when real estate agents have agreements to sell a home but it does not appear in official real estate documents.
And many are reluctant to share nonexclusives, also known as pocket listings, with anyone but the most trusted colleagues, for fear the listing will be stolen.
That's because a some high-end deals are known as pocket listings in industry parlance, which means they never hit the multiple listing service and thus are not included in official sales counts, he said.
The buyer agent has a way to cut down on the time searching for properties and exposing their buyers to pocket listings and other properties that they might have missed.