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In his book, Ahmed highlights the need for a more pluralist European identity respecting, tolerating and incorporating various ethnic, religious, and cultural identities into larger contexts.
Philippine democracy grew up, after World War II, as a padrino playground locally and a pluralist arena nationally.
(4.) Schrecker T "Stop, you're killing us!" An alternative take on populism and public health: Comment on "The rise of posttruth populism in pluralist liberal democracies: challenges for health policy." Int J Health Policy Manag.
128-129), and the way the author feels that the pluralist aspects of Pesantren Ngalah are perfectly suitable for various ethnic communities in Pasuruan (p.
Professor ten Napel postulates a vision of society in which (liberal) pluralism, religious freedom, social pluralist constitutionalism, pluriform democracy, political legitimacy, and democratic ethos are not only theoretically proposed, but also practically implemented.
More precisely, advocative populist statements will elicit more hope (H1a) and pride (H1b) than pluralist statements, and conflictive populist statements will elicit more anger (H1c) and fear (H1d) than pluralist statements.
Can economics be taught in the way that is pluralist and progressive, putting due emphasis on the topic of sustainability?
Since The Pluralist is a social enterprise, positive social impact is part of their mission.
A successful pluralist culture is one that is continuously enriched and altered by innovation from within, and by the subcultures being carried into it by immigrants.
Along the way, Levy introduces and situates a number of lesser-known figures, especially on the pluralist liberal side.
In this essay, the major argument is that King was both a theologian and a pluralist par excellence.
Between 2012 and 2015 I co-founded and ran The Pluralist Party as an experiment.