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Plow back

To reinvest earnings in a business rather than pay out them out as dividends. Common practice in high-growth companies.

Plow Back

To reinvest a company's earnings into its operations. A high growth company often plows back the majority of its earnings rather than pays out dividends in order to maintain its high growth rate. On the other hand, established companies tend to plow back very little, unless they are attempting to corner or create a new market. The plowback ratio tells investors the rate at which companies do this.

plow back

To reinvest earnings in additional income-producing assets. Firms that plow back earnings rather than paying the earnings in dividends tend to experience more rapid increases in earnings per share.
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PLOUGH SHARES: Top, the ploughing service at Hade Edge Methodist Church, from left, John Hill, World Ploughing Champion, Val Hill with Maurice Garlick and, inset, the Rev Charlotte Lorimer (left) pictured with members of the congregation during the blessing ceremony at last year's event (PC300111Hplough-01)
The service focused on agriculture and ploughing and featured a display including hand pulled ploughs, seed and fiddle drills and riddles.
A knowledgeable mechanic, he restored a rare David Brown plough, thought to be one of only six left in the UK.
On Sunday, a plough from Mary Arden's House in Wilmcote will be drawn through the village and at 10.
Mr Hooson, of Pen-y-Ffordd Farm, added: "I first saw this plough being demonstrated near Crewe as a 15-year-old - and I immediately wanted one.
And when he learnt that it was the same plough that Mr Hall had used in his first ploughing competition, he organised a vintage fun day to reunite it with his mentor for one last time.
The plough will be on display at next month's Anglesey County Show and will be available for practice at AVPS's spring ploughing match next March.
Debbie plans to take part in a number of matches to get as much practice as she can on the Massey Ferguson 1952 plough and 1959 tractor.
Five teams of Shires and 45 vintage tractors competed in the day-long event but the star attractions were two Fowler steam engines,dated 1918, and a steam plough from 1910.
At first Mr Edmondson would not be persuaded to part with the plough - thought to be only one of six in the UK and Ireland - but after a number of years Mr Hall was allowed to take the plough off his hands and set about restoring it.
Recognition by Schering Plough Veterinaire, the fourth largest veterinary pharmaceutical group in France and a subsidiary of one of the five largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, represents a strong endorsement of the importance of MIT's products and we are delighted to be working with a group of this stature," he added.