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Footsie (FTSE)

Financial Times (FT)-Actuaries 100 index: in London. Has the stature of the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500 in London.

FTSE 100 Index

An index tracking the 100 publicly-traded companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the most market capitalization. Like many other FTSE indices, it is calculated in real time, with prices updated every 15 seconds. Each quarter, the FTSE reevaluates the companies tracked on the index and makes necessary adjustments to ensure that it represents the most highly capitalized companies. The FTSE 100 Index is considered a prime indicator of health in the wider market.


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The book is a special book issue of the journal Ethical Space and is called Playing Footsie with the FTSE: The Great Crash of 2008 - Why Did Nobody See It Coming?
Henry Ward Beecher, one of America's most famous divines, was playing footsie with the wife of one of his best friends, Theodore Tilton, she broke the story.
But neither, of course, can admit to playing footsie with the other.
Cindy Sheehan should not be hammered just for telling the truth about the Democrats' playing footsie with Bush on the war.
For perspective, let's remember we're talking about students dressed up like animals here; this isn't serious big-time news like, say, a politician playing footsie in a bathroom stall.
Celebdaq, a celebrity share game on the Internet, is quickly becoming the fastest growing trend among starwatchers who know their FSTE from playing footsie.
Every restaurant will be crammed with smoochy couples dribbling over each other and playing footsie under the table.
The Bush administration treats terrorist states selectively by bombing some, like Afghanistan, and playing footsie with others, like Syria and Pakistan.
At the end of the day, this election is really in some ways a referendum about whether we're going to have leadership in Sacramento that's about giving Valley residents and parents more of a say or more of a voice, or whether we're going to have somebody who's up there just part of the old boys, politics-as-usual network, playing footsie with the special interests,'' Cherny said.
The CWL has been playing footsie with feminism for years, to the chagrin of many members.
At the time, those who suspected the FDA of playing footsie with the trial lawyers were assailed as demeaning the integrity of a group of independent-minded public servants.