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Footsie (FTSE)

Financial Times (FT)-Actuaries 100 index: in London. Has the stature of the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the S&P 500 in London.
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FTSE 100 Index

An index tracking the 100 publicly-traded companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the most market capitalization. Like many other FTSE indices, it is calculated in real time, with prices updated every 15 seconds. Each quarter, the FTSE reevaluates the companies tracked on the index and makes necessary adjustments to ensure that it represents the most highly capitalized companies. The FTSE 100 Index is considered a prime indicator of health in the wider market.
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Yet Salmond can play footsie with an Australian and an American with billions of pounds at stake and suffer no consequences.
"This election is a time for voters to choose, not a time for politicians to play footsie with each other.
Did he ever play footsie with men or boys at a sports bar?
Seidensticker's consistent refusals to play footsie with successive waves of Japanese intellies and his independent angle toward matters of political correctness (both East and West), his rejection of boosterism in any form, have, for instance, made him an occasional target of those who prefer the myth of Japanese uniqueness to the more mixed and humanly complicated reality.