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Biochemical aspirin resistance can be defined as incomplete suppression of platelet aggregation, as assessed by various platelet function tests6-8.
The platelet count and the kinetics of ADP-induced platelet aggregation were performed using above described procedures.
Platelet aggregation studies may be normal for ADP and epinephrine, but are often abnormal for thrombin and collagen.
As discussed in the section in platelet aggregation, S.
In December 2009, the EC authorized the health claim: "Helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow," which was the first wording to be authorized under Article 13(5).
Due to the increasing platelet aggregation response and PS exposure, we can speculate that platelets from hyperlipidemic subjects are more susceptible to ADP and the apoptosisactivation process.
Of the included subjects, two had baseline whole-blood impedance platelet aggregation of less than 8[ohms] utilizing the 5[micro]M concentration of ADP; one of these two also had < 8[ohms] with collagen and arachidonic acid agonists.
Platelet aggregation (clotting) has long been shown to cause and/or be associated with major degenerative diseases.
Response to the reagents was measured as a percentage of platelet aggregation and reported as normal, reduced or flat.
They found that Viagra, by elevating levels of a compound in cells called cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP, actually encourages platelets to aggregate, thus amending 20 years of scientific claims that the compound acts to prevent platelet aggregation.
2] laser is known to induce secondary tissue reactions, and its use leads to slower wound healing because of several well-known factors, including carbonization, thermal necrosis, inflammatory cell infiltration, lack of platelet aggregation, and loss of biologically active factors.
Towards this objective, it was proposed to use platelet aggregation as a measure of thrombogenicity.

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