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The assets of a business including land, buildings, machinery, and all equipment permanently employed.

Fixed Asset

An asset with a long-term useful life that a company uses to make its products or provide its services. Strictly speaking, a fixed asset is any asset that the company does not expect to sell for at least a year, but the term often refers to assets a company expects to have indefinitely. Common examples of fixed assets are real estate and factories, which a company holds for long periods of time.


large items of capital such as a PRODUCTION LINE or furnace used in production. See MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT, CAPITAL STOCK, FIXED ASSET.
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1924 White birch planted on the south lawn of the White House to honor presidential mothers past and present (other "Mothers Trees" planted in
So he planted the insect-eaters in a moist, sunny area in his backyard so he could watch them pig (uh, bug) out.
For some farmers that means the difference between getting everything planted on time or suffering yield loss from late planting.
In each, they planted adjacent patches of transgenic and traditional versions of several crops: rape, maize, beets, and potatoes.
In celebration of the opening of its 500th store in 50 state, specially retailer Eddie Bauer on May 20 planted its 3 million Global ReLeaf tree at Ala Meana Beach Park in Honolulu.
This species has proven such a successful invader that it continues to establish countless new communities even though it's unlikely many people have intentionally planted it for the better part of a century.
But the longleaf pine that is increasingly being planted here and at many other Global ReLeaf sites across the Southeast is like no other species of pine.
japonica) produce better flowers when planted in partial shade and in well-drained soil, while some plants - like Camellia sasanqua - do better in the sun.
This restoration project, begun in 1994, has so far planted 63,500 seedlings toward its goal of 500,000 slash pine on 1,000 acres.
1946: At the Third American Forest Congress, it is noted that 75 million acres of forestland are either poorly planted or not being replanted at all.
We cannot usually grow the classic weeping fig tree (Ficus benjamina) indoors because of its requirement for good light - even if the weeping fig must be protected from direct Valley sun when planted outdoors.