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For 2005, Springfield is introducing a wide-body version of its plain-vanilla GI pistol with a large-capacity magazine.
Inaccurate detail in the artwork and the plain-vanilla dialogue can only mean one thing: The cartoonist has become complacent.
Serial ATA is a variation on ATA that enables throughput specs to rival plain-vanilla SCSI, at a lower cost.
Beginning in 2003, Clinica Alemana--once a small island of exclusivity for a few-will begin to provide something much closer to what most Chileans need: a plain-vanilla family doctor who can spot problems coming, and save money for patients.
Constructing cafes and other areas in which students and faculty can congregate (and purchase more goods) is another way to turn a plain-vanilla campus bookstore into a "campus center," and thus, increase sales, says Crosson.
An added benefit is that, traditionally, membership programs draw higher renewal rates than plain-vanilla subscriptions.
The CEO's office -- whether a mahogany-paneled library or a plain-vanilla cubicle -- is a bully pulpit for change.
Also, the kinds of debt instruments being issued electronically tend to be simpler, more "commoditized" products like plain-vanilla commercial paper, medium-term notes and bonds.
That might sound like a pretty plain-vanilla message coming from an L.
Instead, Williams Capital works with more plain-vanilla financial instruments, such as corporate and agency bonds and securities on the fixed-income side.
Our requests for consultation had to do with major changes in our organizational evolution from a classical, plain-vanilla staff-model HMO to a full, 31-flavor, integrated managed care system.
Local issue of plain-vanilla subordinated debentures under the code 'BANORTE 09' to 'A+(mex)' from 'AA(mex)'.