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Then there is ideas plagiarism -- stealing the thoughts of another person and passing them off as your own.I reviewed the concept paper against the Nation story.
Table-I: Knowledge and prevalence of plagiarism among undergraduate medical students (N=1100).
"Among the reasons why plagiarism is resorted to are the time constraint for project submissions and the overwhelming assignments that students find difficult to complete."
There are different types of plagiarism, all based on unethical issues: [2,4-6]
In Indian Universities INFLIBNET has played a key role in reducing or preventing plagiarism. The issue of academic integrity or dishonesty is so crucial in the Universities.
Dr Zenab Jehan briefed the participants about writing techniques to avoid plagiarism in academic writing and discussed citation styles.
Explaining the reason for mentioning Dr Asghar as member of the commission in the official press release, an officer of the HEC said his resignation had not been accepted which was why he was still a member.Addressing a press conference on Monday, HEC Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri said the commission had directed the HEC to review and reformulate the policy on plagiarism to address the loopholes, gaps and procedural glitches.
He said the ex-ED claimed the flaws in the plagiarism policy and didn't 'accept' the charges on him, but the commission followed the reports of two committees to take the decision.
However, till formulation of new policy, the previous cases regarding plagiarism would be dealt with the old one, the Chairman explained.
In the Anglo-American academic world, it is considered that source documentation and paraphrasing are two important strategies to avoid plagiarism (Park, 2003).
The word plagiarism is essentially derived from a Latin word 'plagiare' which means stealing something.