placement ratio

Placement ratio

The percentages of last week's new municipal bond offerings that have been bought from the underwriters, according to the Bond Buyer newspaper.
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Placement Ratio

The dollar amount of new issues of bonds that underwriters have placed with investors, expressed as a percentage of all new issues. The placement ratio is published in Bond Buyer. Only new issues worth more than $1 million are included in the calculation. This can be used as an indicator of the state of the bond market.
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placement ratio

The percentage of municipal bonds brought to market during the past week that have been sold by underwriters. Only issues greater or equal to $1 million are included in this calculation published by the Bond Buyer.
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Anadarko reserves are a lovely 2.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent, 780,000 BOE per day production and a reserve placement ratio of 194 per cent.
The company also has a 70 percent placement ratio, high 13th month persistency, and a lead source that can't be exhausted.
In states like Kashmir, Karnataka and Bihar, the placement ratio of Forestry graduates was 100, 80 and 50 percent respectively, they said.
Because of duplicate submissions and a decrease in overall placement ratio, carriers have found it increasingly challenging to stay profitable without putting restrictions on the informal inquiries that they are willing to review.
The job placement ratio rose for Japanese university and high school students scheduled to graduate in March, due to the imminent massive retirement of baby boomers and economic recovery, a joint survey by the labor and education ministries showed Friday.
There are some very obvious reasons for this, including reduced paperwork and increased convenience, but there are some less obvious ones as well, like improved cycle times, increased placement ratio and increased customer satisfaction.
According to Van Dusen, this fulfillment service reduces cycle times, improves placement ratio and decreases the time spent on processing cases, allowing DBS the time to focus on growing current accounts and handling more new business.
Using Genworth's Life Quick Request service platform, distributors and agents will benefit from cost savings, faster cycle times, and a higher placement ratio, helping them to sell more in less time.
The result is an improved sales process that will increase placement ratios and persistency rates while keeping producers satisfied and loyal.
Help them improve their placement ratios, assist their agents with prospecting and show them how to increase efficiency and reduce costs."
The pricing trend is moving toward fully underwritten standard pricing, with the direct carriers benefiting from higher placement ratios due to a much faster and easier process of issuing insurance.