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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.


The slope of a roof, sidewalk, or other surface. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific requirements for the pitch of access ramps leading to building entrances.

Example: Figure A has a 1:12 pitch because the slope rises 1 foot for every 12 feet of distance. Figure B has a 1:6 pitch.

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Mr Hogan said club coach Mr Ainsworth "didn't throw" the pitchfork "or gesture it at anybody", adding: "He just picked it up.
But in June this year, the girls' families were told Pitchfork had been allowed out of prison under escort.
Rebecca said the family was unwavering in their belief that Pitchfork - who is not yet 60 - remains a potential danger to the public.
Pitchfork, for example, has its own music festival.
We did recover a pitchfork from the scene and we'll get that forensically examined.
V Pauline Pitchfork, with daughter Melissa Simons, replacing flowers on her husband Harry's headstone.
However, Pitchfork has denied the reports of West's involvement in the song.
The Hatchet blends sweet and tart apple varietals to ideal effect," he said, "The Pitchfork is apple based, infused with essence of pear, and the Anvil spikes apple cider with a measure of our barrel proof bourbon flavor.
Complaints by the Pitchfork Rebellion, in July 2011, prompted the state's Pesticide Analytical Response Center (PARC) to announce to the Lake Creek Community, where I live, that it would conduct a pesticide exposure investigation to be led by Oregon Health Authority.
Roberts, 69, was also also convicted of failing to prevent a Romanian groom from repeatedly beating the elephant, which was filmed chained to the ground and being hit with a pitchfork.
The 69-year-old was also convicted of failing to prevent an employee from repeatedly beating the animal which was filmed chained to the ground and being hit with a pitchfork.