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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.
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The slope of a roof, sidewalk, or other surface. The Americans with Disabilities Act has specific requirements for the pitch of access ramps leading to building entrances.

Example: Figure A has a 1:12 pitch because the slope rises 1 foot for every 12 feet of distance. Figure B has a 1:6 pitch.

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The time will come when the technology is so good that artificial pitches will become attractive again, particularly for teams outside the Premier League.
If we see that a pitcher has thrown 80 or more pitches by the fifth inning, we know that we have a good shot at knocking him out of the game.
"Steve has experimented with glue on some of our net pitches recently and they seem to have played pretty well, so it's likely that we will try it on the Nottinghamshire pitch and see how things go."
Alaways, now at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, is confident that there's a difference between the lifts of the two and four-seam pitches. Moreover, he now also thinks that the new work explains why the results of the various experiments over the years didn't agree.
The report revealed the city has too few pitches to cope with sporting games, that a 'substantial' number of sports centres need investment to support demand, and new pitches should be built in some areas of the city.
"We have to accept that there will be more pitches because of the pressures of corporate governance on clients.
Chennai usually has hot and humid weather, and it impacts pitches too.
The BCCI then tried to douse the fire on Tuesday with IPL chairman Chirayu Amin issuing a release to state that it was the curator, in consultation with the BCCI's Ground and Pitches Committee, who decides the playing surface and there was nothing sinister about the change of pitch inn Jaipur.
(7) The dot appears in the center of the face on the gyroball, but this is close enough to the slider's dot that a batter might find it difficult distinguishing between the pitches. The gyroball could be an effective pitch against a batter who has been set up for it with a slider.
It also enables the pitcher to hit spots and maintain control of his pitches because his arm is not playing catchup with his front side.
In keeping with his reputation as one of the more forthright cricketers in the English game, Croft chose his international retirement to highlight the need for the domestic game to produce consistently drier pitches if spinners are not to fall into the negative mindset which both Ashley Giles and Gareth Batty have both been accused of adopting in recent months.
* Football: Consider converting under used senior pitches into mini soccer pitches to tackle current and future shortfall in West Shields and Whitburn, Cleadon and The Boldons.