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A specific area of the trading floor that is designed for the trading of commodities, individual futures, or option contracts.
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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.
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A location on a commodities exchange trading floor where the futures of a particular commodity are traded. Also called ring.
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The name pit viper is derived from the presence of a heat sensing pit organ located on the head.
Laboratory studies should focus around the coagulopathies and thrombocytopenia associated with pit viper envenomations.
Clinical significance of venom antigen levels in patients envenomed by the Malayan pit viper (Callesolasma rhodostoma).
In a later stomach content analysis performed by opening the stomach and intestines of this pit viper specimen, an undigested Porthidium lansbergii (Schlegel, 1841) neonate (ANDES-R 171), with a total length of 180 mm, was found (Fig.
COTTONMOUTH FAMILY (AKA WATER MOCCASIN): a heavy bodied, dark gray or brown pit viper with darker bands (sometimes appears as almost solid gray or black).
The most serious effects of most pit viper bites, including that of rattlers, is extensive local tissue damage and serious coagulopathies.
These include ancrod, derived from the Malaysian pit viper's venom, and desmoteplase, derived from the vampire bat's saliva.
Rachel actively antagonizes Lilly, and Lilly clearly has issues with her mother--and it's hard not to share them: Georgia, who justifies her often capricious edicts with the titular "Georgia rule!," is a brittle woman whom Fonda imbues with all the warmth of a pit viper. What's lacking in Georgia--or Fonda--is a sense of authority, something to make all the imperiousness believable.
The gorgeous Sabah Pit Viper looks like a garden hose with an attitude and has so far eluded much observation while the Keeled Rat Snake, which actually does resemble a rat, keeps no secrets as to its habits and eggs.
A species of torrent frog (Hylodes asper) is a common prey to two species of pit viper (Bothrops jararacussu and B.
Nordmark will manufacture the biological active ingredient, ancrod, which is derived from the venom of the Malayan pit viper (Ancistrodon rhodostoma).