pipeline risk

pipeline risk

A slang expression for the risk a lender takes when it makes a loan commitment at a certain interest rate,but knowing that before the loan closes interest rates might increase.

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Pipeline Risk

The lender's risk that, between the time a lock commitment is given to the borrower and the time the loan is closed,interest rates will rise and the lender will take a loss on selling the loan.

See Locking the Loan/Cost of Locking to Lenders.

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Novara is also partnering with WKM Consultancy (www.pipelinerisk.com), a leading authority on pipeline risk management.
A similar Inlet pipeline risk assessment commissioned by the council in 2005 concluded the infrastructure was, at least then, mostly in good shape due in large part to the fact that it was designed for capacity well beyond production levels at the time of the study.
Mortgage Peer Network is a sister company to Precision Risk Management Systems, Inc., a provider of Mortgage Business Intelligence Solutions and Pipeline Risk Management solutions.
In addition, there is no pipeline risk as the project pipeline is secured and it exceeds the target capital raise.
The pipeline risk factors associated with natural forces include
Active Insights gives users prebuilt, ready-to-use dashboards and reports that highlight key changes in the pipeline, proactively scans the Active Data Platform for specific events that may indicate potential pipeline risk and automatically notifies relevant parties, according to C9.
Reluctant to pass through large gains in the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market to the consumer because of issues of secondary marketing pipeline risk and capacity, bankers are amped by the potential for higher profit margins amidst large demand.
Topics covered include condition assessment, corrosion control, GIS systems, hazard assessment, hydraulic modeling, pipeline design, inspection, and pipeline risk management.
For the updates and ongoing work, GAO analyzed TSA's pipeline risk assessment model, reviewed relevant laws and program management documents, and interviewed TSA officials.
John, project manager, Lockwood Andrew and Newnam, Houston, TX, discussed the management of water pipeline infrastructure replacement; and David Kurtz, regional manager, Pure Technologies, Dallas, TX, gave a presentation on pipeline risk management.

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