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Another client, Phil Mitchell, was astonished by the response his press release created; “We decided to try a Piece of Cake Press Release for our latest book.
"A Piece Of Cake is a smashing horse and we hope he's still improving, but he won't run unless I'm absolutely satisfied that the ground is suitable.
Turning around a distressed property is not an easy task in general, and it certainly isn't a piece of cake when you have to work with affordable housing projects.
Exhibition plans are yet to be announced, but the soon-to-be director has promised to take advantage of Hans Hollein's impressive building, which locals have baptized a "piece of cake" on account of its triangular shape.
Knocking down a ballistic missile is a piece of cake, compared to making the different elements of an expeditionary force communicate with one another during an attack, observed Navy Capt.
The British privatization was no piece of cake. "The state invested what was needed to finish a plant that was under construction and left out older units that were not commercially attractive," says Oscar Quilhillalt, vice president of Nucleoelectrica Argentina, the company that will be renamed Genuar when it is privatized.
Western Symphony, Balanchine's broad send-up of Americana set to Hershy Kay's score, was a piece of cake for this company.
For a metasearch engine to make itself look like a genuine user running Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer is a piece of cake.
"I thought we had a pretty good interface already--that this part would be a piece of cake. But we had to make more changes than we expected." Over a two- to three-week period, CPA Findley examined Resource Marketing's practices and made suggestions; Resource Marketing followed with changes to the code used to program the Web site.
Consider, for instance, the heroic struggles of Jefferson-Waterman International, a D.C.-based firm whose legal efforts on behalf of the Burmese government make president Clinton's legal defense look like a piece of cake. For a mere $400,000 a year, Jefferson-Waterman undertakes to sweeten the reputation of Burma's military junta, the State Law and Order Council -- affectionately known as SLORC.
It might seem like a piece of cake now that it's done, but back then, without a blueprint, without a set of instructions, without a committee, could you have created a firmament?