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Pickoftheday Frankie Boyle''s Tramadol Nights (10.00pm) The comedian applies his no-holds-barred style to a selection of sketches and stand-up performances picking apart all aspects of modern life.
Michael Calderone at put it this way: "Media Matters has been picking apart the book, and last week asked the following: 'Is NBC going to help Coulter sell this book?' Seems like they're not.
Since it arrived it has been messing up his garden by picking apart apples to get to the pips and throwing the remains on the ground.
Forensics officers have been picking apart a flat there since Friday.
Psychotherapy as Religion sharply denounces psychotherapy as failing to provide sufficient scientific credibility that it is helpful for treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders, juvenile violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ills, picking apart the inaccuracies and lack of rigorous professional standards in studies that attempt to show positive benefits from psychotherapeutic practice.