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What started as a 50-acre plot with 25 acres of pickable orchard trees has grown to 120 acres, with triple the space for picking.
There's also a pretendy vegetable patch (which comes with its own pickable carrots and cabbage); a squawking chicken in a plastic coop ; and a projected pond on the floor, which reacts to stamping (to that I can personally testify) and comes with a school of friendly fish as standard.
Chelsea, Newcastle, Norwich and Notts County were well pickable at odds of 9-4, 8-1, 8-1, and 6-1 but show me anyone who had them in a four-timer and I'll show you a pair of pants ablaze.
They can see enough of the part to calculate its position in three-dimensional space and determine if it is pickable or blocked by another part.
Most of the automation systems rely on products being stored in fixed locations, and most warehouse-management software assumes the pickable products are stored in a single location.