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To the best of our knowledge, extracranial subcutaneous lipoma, overlaying angiomatous pial malformation in SWS has never been reported before.
Cerebral pial artery responses to hypercapnia and hypotension were obtained before ischemia and 1 h after ischemia as previously described (10).
The pyramidal neurons, which are abundant in brain regions associated with complex cognitive functions, including the cortex, hippocampus, and amygdale, have a dendritic tree that is divided into two domains: The apical dendrite, which extends toward the pial surface, and basal dendrites, which emerge from the base of the cell body.
Imaging of CNS infection by BKPyV is characterized by a preferential involvement of the periventricular and pial surfaces of the brain parenchyma.
Cortical thickness was defined as the distance between pial surface to the grey/white matter border across 160,000 vertices in both cerebral hemispheres.
B, Magnified image of the rectangle in A; glioneuronal outbursting through the pial surface, labeled with a dashed line and arrowheads, calcifications (asterisk), and heterotopias (arrows).
One is that they have a developmental origin related to native CNS cells such as the mesenchymal pial cells or neural crest cells.
(2015) have discovered the functional role of arterio-arteriolar anastomosis (AAA) in the active regulation of the pial and penetrating arterioles during the stroke [77].