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Role of the tumoral size and arterial vascularization originating from the pia mater. Study of 150 cases.
Imageandpathologicalobservation: Allimageswere reviewed by two experienced neuroimaging doctors to observe MRI signal characteristics, location, form and size of tumor, boundary peritumoral edema, existence of necrosis, cystic change, haemorrhage and calcification, enhancement degree, mass effect and whether tumor involved ependyma and pia mater. T1 and T2 signal strength of lesion could be typed into low, slightly low, medium, slightly high and high.
Some authors presume that such meningiomas arise from arachnoid cells of the pia mater that stretches into the surface of brain or sulcus with perforating blood vessels, while others suggest that the arachnoid cells rest in the brain during the migration progress [3].
It involves a confection of a flap of vascularized tissue by the external carotid artery (ECA), which can be pericranium, dura mater, temporal muscle or even a branch of TSA over the cortical surface, in direct contact with the pia mater, in order to stimulate angiogenesis on the cortical brain surface.