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For smaller locations without existing virtual infrastructure, the NX-700 provides a plug-and-play physical option for extending WAN optimization to the branch.
At 6ft 2in, the stocky Nouble, who turns 19 on Friday, offers Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers a more physical option than main striker Stephen Dobbie, and put himself about well against The Iron.
Hugh, 41, shunned his car for a more physical option and would have definitely fitted in with fouryear-old Ava's playground pals in LA.
There are those who prattle on about Harry Ellis being the more dependable and physical option at scrum-half but if Cipriani and his three quarters are to be liberated it all starts with that first link between backs and forwards.
With the Pac-10 stronger this season on the inside than it was a year ago, Dorsainvil offers a more physical option.
Gough brings ballast into the second row and Cockbain, named in a Wales squad for the first time since damaging a hamstring against Fiji in November 2005, is a physical option off the bench.
And he also gives Wenger a physical option at the sharp end.
White, who weighs 227 pounds, gives USC a physical option but also has deceptive speed.
He has also made his mark in training this week and offers a more physical option at No 7.
Heskey is Eriksson's other physical option, but has scored just three times in 29 club appearances this season.
A survey of Scots folk says that half of them would rather talk than touch, with only a quarter favouring the physical option.
It remains to be seen how long Britton will have to kick his heels, Sousa insisting he wanted a more offensive and physical option in Yorkshire in the base of midfield role.

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