physical option

Physical option

An option whose underlying security is a physical commodity that is not stock or futures. The physical commodity itself (a currency, treasury debt issue, commodity) - underlies that option contract. See also index option.
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Physical Option

An option contract on an asset that is an actual thing, as opposed to a stock or futures contract. Examples of underlying assets for physical options include commodities, currencies, and U.S. Treasury securities. Other than this feature, physical options are identical to other option contracts and can be used in a variety of option strategies.
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physical option

An option on a physical commodity, such as a currency, commodity, or U.S. Treasury debt, rather than on stock or futures.
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Rodgers said in the summer Celtic wouldn't let Moussa Dembele go without replacing him and if they'd had that physical option they could have beaten Rangers' high press by knocking balls into him as he can hold it in and get the team up the pitch.
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For smaller locations without existing virtual infrastructure, the NX-700 provides a plug-and-play physical option for extending WAN optimization to the branch.
Hugh, 41, shunned his car for a more physical option and would have definitely fitted in with fouryear-old Ava's playground pals in LA.
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Gough brings ballast into the second row and Cockbain, named in a Wales squad for the first time since damaging a hamstring against Fiji in November 2005, is a physical option off the bench.
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Instead, Gatland opted for the more physical option of Josh Navidi, who had an outstanding autumn but has barely played openside since then.
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