phase out

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Phase Out

To gradually end something, especially a project. For example, a company seeking to wind down its research and development department my phase it out by cutting its budget successively over several years.

phase out

To bring to an end in stages. Typically encountered with tax benefits that are phased out—decreased or diminished—over the course of several years.

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I think that there will be some commitment to bans and phase outs.
evidently felt pressure to phase out the foam "clamshell" (see PT, Dec.
Eliminating the marriage penalty by adopting standard phase-outs for three income levels--low, middle- and high income taxpayers--and adopting one standard phase out method.
The phase out is generally at a rate of 10% of AGI, and 5% of AGI on a joint return.
Benefits specifically targeted to low-income taxpayers (such as the earned income credit, elderly credit and dependent care credit) would phase out under the low-income taxpayer phase-out range.