phase out

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Phase Out

To gradually end something, especially a project. For example, a company seeking to wind down its research and development department my phase it out by cutting its budget successively over several years.

phase out

To bring to an end in stages. Typically encountered with tax benefits that are phased out—decreased or diminished—over the course of several years.

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As government mandated phase outs and/or use restrictions of all refrigerants, including Hydrofluorocarbon ("HFC"), HCFC, and CFC-based substances create shortages and/or use restrictions of these gases, and as mandatory GHG reductions require the industry to reduce GHG emission, Hudson Technologies Europe will be in a position to provide reclamation and energy optimization services to the needs of SHT's existing industrial customers.
The 31% marginal rate is not intended to phase out the benefits of the 15% rate or exemptions and it is permanent.
The phase out of these two taxes would eliminate a costly administrative burden on manufacturers, better position Ohio to compete for investments and jobs, and help reduce the size of the state government," said J.
Gearing up to ensure compliance with Europe's electronics takeback directives and re-designing for heavy metal phase outs could initially cost industry about $40 billion in Europe alone, though enforcement will be difficult.
The decreases in our Automotive Hillsdale business were due to the continued phase out of a Ford Company automotive transmission pump program ($6.
In the meantime, Royal Jordanian will not only benefit from AFI KLM E&M expertise on the A330 product, but also from its experience of phase outs and major compliance issues in connection with components of aircraft retired from a commercial fleet.