phase out

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Phase Out

To gradually end something, especially a project. For example, a company seeking to wind down its research and development department my phase it out by cutting its budget successively over several years.

phase out

To bring to an end in stages. Typically encountered with tax benefits that are phased out—decreased or diminished—over the course of several years.

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Overall, 103 small, high-technology firms in 27 states will share in about $72 million in SBIR Phase II contracts awarded by NASA this year, with several receiving more than one contract.
The "inpatient" portion of Phase I trials usually lasts from a day or two to a week (though follow up can last up to about a month), and are designed to assess the safety of a compound and study its pharmacokinetics (Pk--what the body does to the drug) and pharmacodynamics (Pd--what the drug does to the body).
The consequent loss in phase precision limits the attainable [b.
Various experiments have investigated the hypothesis that water and other more ordinary liquids can assume more than one phase.
NCI grantees who have successfully completed their Phase II aims may submit a competitive renewal of their Phase II project requesting support up to an additional three years for research activities that must include steps necessary to meet federal regulatory requirements (e.
Don said Progen had chosen melanoma as the disease target for the first Phase II study with PI-88 because it allowed for samples of skin lesions (biopsies) to be taken and also enabled direct observation of changes in blood vessels.
The less time you spend in the single-support phase, the more time you can spend accelerating the ball in the double-support phase.
This phase begins with the institutionalization of society and the appearance of large production units.
For example, the traditional IRA deduction phases out over a different range of income for single filers than it does for married joint filers, while the $25,000 allowance for passive losses from rental activities for active participants phases out over the same range of income for both single and married-joint filers.
Depending on the type of canoe or kayak used, the first two phases should be completed in two minutes or less.
The PVC/NBR blend systems achieve their rubber-like properties by lowering the Tg of one phase of the PVC into the rubber region while the crystalline segments in PVC provide thermally reversible physical crosslinks.
During Phase II, a two-dimensional transient model is planned.