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The CAT concept fills a void between sector patrol officers and specialized sworn personnel in the department's Emergency Service Section.
If a former employee requests a certified copy of his or her personnel file within the 60-day period, the employer must furnish a copy.
Based on interviews with both government and contractor personnel involved with the FCS program, it appears Army leadership did not invest enough time to effectively develop and communicate the culture needed to properly implement the LSI concept.
Anyone interested in accessing the collection should contact the National Personnel Records Center at 314.801.0850 or 9700 Page Ave., Overland, MO 63132.
Co-contamination of hands and cell phones was found in only 10% of cases and may be explained by small sample size and that personnel were sampled only once.
Formal education and training are essential for preparing allied dental personnel to perform the intraoral expanded functions that are permitted."
For related news, visit the Chief of Naval Personnel Navy NewsStand page at
Unless we give security personnel requisite authority, they will not be successful in protecting our assets.
military personnel and civilian contractors grossly abused prisoners at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison."
A company providing communications support in Baghdad likely faces far fewer risks than contractors working in Fallujah, yet this guidance would place the onus on the contractor with personnel in Fallujah to demonstrate why a higher pay rate is appropriate.
Training personnel, either through on-the-job experience or in a classroom, and giving them the needed equipment better equips them in meeting tooling demands.
Personnel Plus is Alaska's premiere employment agency.

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