Personal Property

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Personal property

Any assets other than real estate.

Personal Property

Any property other than real estate. Personal property includes vehicles, computers, furniture, televisions, and so forth. Personal property may be used as collateral on a loan, but it is considered less reliable collateral than real estate because the borrower could default on the loan and then steal or hide the personal property. Obviously, this is impossible with real estate.

personal property

Any property except for real property. Personal property may consist of physical objects, or it may be intangibles such as copyrights, patents, or securities. Personal property is also called personalty.

Personal Property

Generally, all property other than real estate.
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The question has come up as to whether the mounts are considered business personal property or personal property to be covered under the insured's homeowners policy?
With respect to changes in the estimated actual value of personal property, the New Orleans experience shows that the value of taxable personal property will decline after a natural disaster.
He said Walmart paid $75,548 in personal property taxes and $112,107 in real estate taxes in fiscal 2011.
18, Personal Property Office-Pacific held a special session for State Department personnel on how to handle personal property shipments for servicemembers assigned to embassies, as well as separate service meetings for the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines.
As you can see in the example below, the first year depreciation deduction is approximately $79,000 for a $3 million commercial building using a 39 year life, versus a much larger approximately $346,000 in depreciation by merely segregating out $300,000 of the building's components into five year tangible personal property.
Tangible personal property used or consumed in manufacturing and necessary or essential to the pollution control process, quality control process, or compliance with federal or state public health requirements
The going-concern value for the personal property and business intangibles is not the same as the value to an outsider who would likely deploy them in a different setting.
Moreover, because the plain language of section 1031(h)(2) applied to personal property, the IRS believed that a determination of predominant use is required.
Gain on sale of personal property located in the United States.
If the lease does not require insurance, include the equipment in the limit under Personal Property of Others.
25136 assigns receipts from sales of other than tangible personal property to the state where the income-producing activity occurs.
SUBJECT: Policy for Unique identification (UID) of Tangible Personal Property Legacy Items in Inventory and Operational Use, Including Government Furnished Property (GFP)

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