personal computer

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personal computer (PC)

a small COMPUTER used as a desktop data processing facility in business and for personal use. In the office, PCs and desk-top workstations are often linked together in LOCAL AREA NETWORKS enabling them to share data and peripherals such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. For many tasks the PC has replaced the large mainframe computer (see DOWNSIZING). See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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Computer-based patient records with structured data entry using voice recognition; expert systems for predicting treatment outcomes of patients; telemedicine sessions between clinicians from their workstations; home treatment counseling of patients and health plan members with interactive, multimedia, Web-based programs maintained on your practices' Web servers; continuous monitoring of patients' vital signs, blood oxygen saturation, electrolytes, and serum glucose, and a myriad other physiological parameters over dedicated telephone lines via the Web; automated interpretations of EKGs, EEGs, pap smears, and radiology studies by personal computers.
The key question is do you want to take away the individual flexibility and freedom that the personal computer provides,'' said Bill Gates, the chairman and co-founder of Microsoft Corp.
The Software Publishers Association is the principal trade association of the personal computer software industry.
5mm mini-jack connects any product with a stereo signal output, including portable MP3 players, portable CD players, personal computers or home electronics products such as a cassette deck or CD changer, to a home audio system.
Designers of personal computers and motherboards will be the primary customers for Corsair's products.
The four main categories of desktop computers from which customers will be able to create their own customized personal computers are the Nano, Atomic, Titan and Epic computers.
In the case of component failure within a Totally Awesome-brand personal computer (such as the failure of a hard drive, mother board, graphics controller, and the like), PC Laptops will also assist customers in coordinating with component manufacturers to ensure the best possible outcomes for replacing or upgrading such components that are still under manufacturer warranty.
Sorenson IP Relay allows users to place text-based relay calls from either a mobile device or personal computer to any telephone user.
Any changes made to the information on the Newton or on the personal computer are automatically synchronized and updated between the two when they are connected.
Seeks Injunction and Damages Related to Patent Covering Personal Computer and Electronic Device Functions, Especially Concerning InterVideo's InstantON Products and Technology
Successful software companies of the future will be those that have effectively harnessed the power of the personal computer.
Thacker as they designed and built the Alto personal computer and its network environment.

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