personal computer

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personal computer (PC)

a small COMPUTER used as a desktop data processing facility in business and for personal use. In the office, PCs and desk-top workstations are often linked together in LOCAL AREA NETWORKS enabling them to share data and peripherals such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. For many tasks the PC has replaced the large mainframe computer (see DOWNSIZING). See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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Clearly, HP is doing something right to allow it to dramatically outpace the broad personal computer market.
It also produced personal computers until 2010, with its planned purchase of 80.1 percent of the Toshiba unit Client Solutions marking its eventual return to the business.
A majority of the volume of personal computers is from a variety of plastics, which, if recovered properly, can have some value.
* To improve deliveries, Thomasville salesmen are experimenting with fax, overnight mail, car phones and portable personal computers. The firm wants to establish mainframe-to-mainframe connections with its target customers, and just-in-time parts and materials deliveries to its factories.
IDC said that China and India are "huge engines of growth" for the personal computer market.
It can be connected to a regular personal computer and can undertake a wide range of functions through its software, depending on the user's needs.
Shipments of packaged personal computer software in Japan in fiscal 2004 ended March 31 reached 786.2 billion yen, up 4.3 percent from the previous year, according to a Japan Personal Computer Software Association survey released Wednesday.
personal computer kingpins' decisions would allow the diffusion of HD-DVD to gain momentum, Toshiba said.
The building's garage gates are managed by the same access control system, with a dedicated personal computer functioning as its "brain."
Data on safety inspections of four Japanese nuclear power plants have been posted on the Internet, having apparently been leaked from a virus-infected personal computer of an employee of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, the agency said Friday.
VoodooPC--a world leader in the design and manufacturing of personal computer systems since 1991--has introduced the Voodoo DOLL (from $1,875,, the smallest desktop system available specifically for gaming.
* A personal computer with a MIDI playback program (Many free and commercial programs are available to choose from.)

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