personal allowance

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Personal Allowance

1. In the United Kingdom, income that is not taxed because it falls below the level at which income is taxed. For example, if one has an income of 6,000 pounds and a personal allowance of 5,000 pounds, one only pays taxes on the final 1,000 pounds. See also: Personal exemption.

2. See: Alimony.

personal allowance

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When you add the State Pension income to your employer's pensions, the total takes your annual income to more than the personal allowance and you pay tax at 20 per cent on the income above PS10,600.
The increase in the income tax personal allowance is a "very badly targeted tool", meaning an individual will only start to pay income tax when they earn more than PS11,000, but will start to lose tax credits if their combined household earns as little as PS3,850.
They therefore applied one twelfth of the PS10,600 personal allowance to the payment leaving more than PS16,000 taxable.
If you spread the surrender over two tax years, it is likely this could be reduced to zero, as you could retain your full personal allowance in both years.
Panel chairman John Matharu said: "The company found a number of claims where the description of the items claimed for against the resident's personal allowance did not match items shown on supporting receipts.
Ombudsman Punjab, on the basis of inquiry report of Wazir Ahmad Qureshi, ordered of inclusion of Secretariat/Personal Allowance in pensionable emoluments of pensioners who had been given Personal Allowance from 1994 to 2001 as a part of their salaries.
He also brought forward a rise in the personal allowance to 2014, meaning no income tax is paid by anyone on the first Au10,000 of their earnings.
The decision to include the personal allowance in the calculation of the bonus was made by this administration in 2008 -- two years after a similar decision was taken by the previous government regarding ministers and MPs.
CONCLUSION: The VAT and the personal allowance changes may broadly cancel each other out for Jamie.
Because of her age, her personal allowance is pounds 5720 so she can have income up to that amount before she has to pay any tax.

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