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Personal benefits, including direct benefits, such as the use of a firm car or expense account for personal business, and indirect benefits, such as up-to-date office decoration.
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Special nonmonetary benefits, often offered by landlords in order to attract new tenants. Examples include reserved parking places for company executives, an exercise club for tenants or employees, or free high-speed Internet service.

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Financial planning benefits and executive physicals were the next-most popular perquisites after travel-related benefits.
Perquisites. In 2003, 69.3 percent companies claimed the payment of perquisites to its executive directors and also disclosed these.
He argued that cost allocations encourage subordinate managers to work in the best interest of the firm; rather than to pursue personal goals (e.g., motivate managers to reduce their expenditure on perquisites).
When foreign technicians are deputed to India and their employer pays tax on their behalf, as well as contributes to the pension and social security benefits, would such amount be treated as a perquisite taxable in India?
While allowances and perquisites provide immediate gratification, your CTC has components that will benefit you in the long run.
Presentation is in two volumes with material organized in a logical manner beginning with the origins and development of Congress and proceeding to its powers, procedures, and pressures; housing and support; pay and perquisites; the electorate; and qualifications and conduct.
Once the coalition is recognized regionally and internationally, a transitional government will be formed, he said, adding that "international recognition, protection and genuine material support on all levels are perquisites for a transitional government to work out".
He said that the heads of the remaining parliamentary committees will retain their positions but without perquisites. According to Al-Tahir, 26 cars belonging to the heads of parliamentary committees had already been taken back.
HRH Prince Khalifa also stressed the importance of research and studies centres in tackling regional and global security issues, highlighting the kingdom's keen interest to host security and stability conferences out of its belief in their (security and stability) importance as perquisites for development.
London, Jan 08(ANI): England's taxman has sent an exhaustive list of 181 questions to some of the major football clubs of the Premier League seeking information regarding players' secrets perquisites and benefits.
Regular study and residence at the country at which the student is studying are perquisites for acceptance," she added.
"Since all ATMs in Oman will be under the umbrella of OmanNet, our customers will enjoy access to a wider network of over 500 ATMs to access their money; customers will also enjoy additional perquisites through the new platform in due course of time," Al Tal'ey added.