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Personal benefits, including direct benefits, such as the use of a firm car or expense account for personal business, and indirect benefits, such as up-to-date office decoration.


Special nonmonetary benefits, often offered by landlords in order to attract new tenants. Examples include reserved parking places for company executives, an exercise club for tenants or employees, or free high-speed Internet service.

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Given the relative stability of perquisites, it appears that most companies have reached the point of retaining only those perquisites perceived as essential to enhancing the performance of CEOs in their day-to-day tasks.
Based on the reported cochran's q statistics, equality in the proportion of the companies complying with the mandatory disclosure about the managerial remuneration mentioned in the Clause 49 during the period of study, is rejected at 5 percent level of significance in all statements except disclosure of salary, allowances, and perquisites under separate heads, proportion of companies claiming but not disclosing the amount of retirement benefits, and the disclosure of details of stock options.
The Court has taken this view and rejected the stand of the tax department that the tax paid on behalf of employees should be included in the figure of salary for computing the perquisite value of residential accommodation.
In case of furnished accommodation, the value of the housing benefit is first calculated according to perquisite valuation rules and then 10 per cent of the actual cost of furniture owned and provided by the employer, or in case of hired furniture, actual charges paid by the employer is added to it," says Kuldip Kumar of PwC India.
In 2004, Allen Beller, director of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance, gave a speech that included several references to the disclosure of perquisites.
The purpose of this demand is to enable Barington and Clinton to investigate and communicate with the company's stockholders regarding matters relating to their mutual interests as stockholders, including, without limitation, the use of corporate assets, the levels and types of compensation, perquisites and benefits provided to directors and executive officers of the company or related parties, the nature of any family, business or personal relationships between the company's executive officers and directors, board oversight and certain decisions by the board or its committees regarding the foregoing matters or otherwise affecting the board, the management or corporate governance of the company or other interests of stockholders.
The Instruction of Pepi (2246-2152, BCE) aims to teach the duties and perquisites of a professional writer with directions on how to avoid things that would interfere with learning and proper public conduct befitting a public official.
How many people are wondering whether they'll be employed tomorrow because of the furniture, because of the perquisites, and because of the compromises?
With respect to perquisites and entertainment and travel expenses for their executives and the related internal control for these payments, the 65 hospital systems reported a range of practices.
Increased disclosure is likely to persuade many companies to offer cash instead of perquisites they would have to disclose, like trips on the corporate jet.
Content details all aspects of the rule changes that are related to providing investors with a more complete picture of compensation paid to principal executives, directors and financial officers, including information on salaries and bonuses, all equity-based awards, stock and stock options, compensation under non-equity incentive plans and compensation derived from perquisites.