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Personal benefits, including direct benefits, such as the use of a firm car or expense account for personal business, and indirect benefits, such as up-to-date office decoration.
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Special nonmonetary benefits, often offered by landlords in order to attract new tenants. Examples include reserved parking places for company executives, an exercise club for tenants or employees, or free high-speed Internet service.

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If the car is partly used for official and partly for personal purposes and maintenance expenses are paid by the employer, Rs 1,800 per month is taxable as a perquisite where the cubic capacity (cc) of the engine does not exceed 1.6 litres.
In 2004, Allen Beller, director of the SEC's Division of Corporation Finance, gave a speech that included several references to the disclosure of perquisites. Specifically, Beller mentioned the proper characterization of business expenses such as housing and the installation of home security systems.
Randall, "Peculiar Perquisites and Pernicious Practices: Embezzlement in the West of England Woollen Industry, c.
Prevalence of perquisites for S&P 500 CEOs Personal use of corporate aircraft 43% Financial/Tax planning 38% Company car/Car allowance 33% Executive physical 30% Supplemental life insurance 22% Home security 18% Spousal travel 14% Club dues 12% Supplemental disability insurance 11% Matching gifts/Charity 10% Supplemental health insurance 5% Perquisite allowance 3% Housing allowance 2%
The Court has taken this view and rejected the stand of the tax department that the tax paid on behalf of employees should be included in the figure of salary for computing the perquisite value of residential accommodation.
Under the new rulings, a company must compute and disclose values for its top five executives, as well as projected numbers for severance--including the value of pensions and all other benefits, perquisites, accelerated vesting and tax gross-ups--under various employment termination scenarios.
The contract should embody a "total compensation" perspective and include salary, incentives, benefits, and perquisites. Recent studies indicate that base salaries for full-time physician executives tend to range between 140,000 and $230,000 (there are wide variations, depending on role, specialty, and industry sector).
Will the perquisite value of the full stock option be taxable in India?
As the pressure on executive pay has intensified, compensation committees began transitioning their executives away from certain benefit and perquisite offerings that shareholders considered excessive.
The training in aviation subjects is also a primary thrust area since a sound academic knowledge is a perquisite to being an adept pilot.
As Mel Brooks once said, "It's good to be king." Compensation, benefit and perquisite information for top public newspaper business company executives culled from Securities and Exchange Commission proxy filings continues to provide insight.