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Personal benefits, including direct benefits, such as the use of a firm car or expense account for personal business, and indirect benefits, such as up-to-date office decoration.


Special nonmonetary benefits, often offered by landlords in order to attract new tenants. Examples include reserved parking places for company executives, an exercise club for tenants or employees, or free high-speed Internet service.

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Club Membership: The perquisite value of expenditure (including the fee) in a club borne or reimbursed by the employer is included in the taxable income.
Under the new tax rules, the non- cash perquisites will be added to the employees' salary and tax will be deducted according to the applicable rate.
announced that it is eliminating all perquisites for its four named executive officers, effective at the end of the year.
In the most recent year, the median value of aircraft-related perquisites for Fortune 100 chief executives reached $121,676, representing a 12.
The salary for this purpose of calculating the 15 per cent perquisite value would include the pay, allowances, bonus or commission, as well as any other monetary payment.
Koors noted that corporate filings have long included a line item for the value of "other" compensation, typically executive perquisites such as use of corporate aircraft, vehicles and lodgings.
Copies of the survey, "Executive Perquisites," are available for $175 from Coopers & Lybrand's Human Resource Advisory Group, 1301 Avenue of the Americas, Room 9-93A, New York, NY 10019-6013 (212-259-1521).
Under Turner's compensation program, all staff members can receive, based on their performance, a combination of salaries, bonuses, and profit-sharing payments each year, in addition to the equity awards that are a perquisite of principalship.
Alan Shortall, Unilife Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has agreed to a 100% reduction of his base salary and the elimination of perquisites, through December 31, 2015.
Freedom of expression is one of the perquisites for a country to develop.
Once the coalition is recognized regionally and internationally, a transitional government will be formed, he said, adding that "international recognition, protection and genuine material support on all levels are perquisites for a transitional government to work out".