periodic payment plan

Periodic payment plan

Accumulation of capital in a mutual fund by making regular payments on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Periodic Payment Plan

An agreement between a debtor and a creditor whereby the debtor makes payments on a portion of the principal and/or interest on a loan or other liability on a monthly or quarterly basis. Nearly all loans are repaid on a periodic payment plan.

periodic payment plan

A plan in which an investor agrees to make monthly or quarterly payments to a mutual fund as a method of accumulating shares over a period of years. The periodic payment plan's stipulation of fixed periodic contributions results in dollar-cost averaging for the investor. See also plan completion insurance.
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The council endorsed the ninth periodic payment plan to combat illegal use of drugs and narcotics, the eighth periodic payment plan to combat terrorism, and the fifth periodic payment plan for firefighting.
In 2010, John was a member of the Self-Assessment Leadership Team studying the reform of SEC examinations and, in 2007, led a study on Refunds, Sales Practices, and Revenues from Periodic Payment Plans. He has also been an active member of SEC task forces studying the Regulation of Public Utility Holding Companies and the Fair and Efficient Administrative Proceedings.