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1. The total return on an investment over a period of time.

2. A subjective measure of how an investment or the market generally is doing over a period of time.

3. In contracts, substantial completion of an agreed-upon task. That is, a party to a contract performs the contract when he has more-or-less completed what he has agreed to do, with no or only minor work left to do.


Performance, expressed as a percentage, measures the total return an investment provides over a specific period. It can be positive, representing a gain in value, or negative, representing a loss.

While return is reported on a second-to-second and day-to-day basis, short-term results are less significant an indicator of strength or weakness than performance over longer periods, such as one, five, or ten years.

Past performance is one of the factors you can use to evaluate a specific investment, but there's no guarantee that those results will be repeated in the future. What past performance can tell you is the way the investment has previously reacted to fluctuations in the markets, and, in the case of managed funds, something about the skills of the manager.

An investment is said to outperform when its return is stronger than the return of its benchmark or peers over the same period. Conversely, it is said to underperform if its results lag those of its benchmark or peer.


In contracts, the substantial completion of all duties and responsibilities. Note: The exact meaning of the word “substantial” is the cause of much litigation in contract law.
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In addition, the tape contained examples of students accurately using the verbal and nonverbal performance components of assertion, and directions that told students specifically how to stand, where to look, and what tone, volume, and rate of speech was expected of them during the role-play test.
"300 mhz superconducting ft solid-state nmr spectrometer with wide-bore magnet" with the following performance components: - magnetic control and shim system, - phase and frequency generation system, - amplitude control and transmitter, - pulse generation and channel control, Preamplifier unit, - receiver, Receive filter and digitizer, - lock system, - control computer and software, - probes, - tempering, - gradient unit, - mas control unit and accessories, - delivery and installation with acceptance.
Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high performance components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, announces it has signed a long term agreement with SR Technics, a leading MRO service provider for the civil aviation sector.
Combined with Farsoons new continuous additive manufacturing solutions (CAMS) HT1001P, HT252P, ST252P, HT403P this material can help customers develop high performance components and significantly increase productivity.
other engineering services, including the following performance components - 3d database with pressure loss / pressure surge calculations taking into account the overall system and three different implementation variants, - profitability analysis including operating costs for three different implementation variants.
In detail, The contract comprises the - procurement, Delivery and transfer of complete sets of respiratory protective equipment (with a three-year manufacturing guarantee with a limited (capped) maximum of 1800 operating hours), - procurement, Delivery and transfer of system-compatible spare parts; Each with the performance components: - declaration of packaging (package, Package), - transport safe packaging and dispatch preparation, - franking, - transfer to the postal service provider.
The tasks, the requirements and the expected functions for a comprehensive green area management in the city administration of the state capital Hannover are described in the technical and technical description of the services: Overview of the performance components: 1.
The performance components include, Among other things, The planning and construction of the booth, The rental of items required for trade fair construction, Such as - lighting elements, - ceiling rigging elements, - ceiling sail for ceiling rig, - floor covering, - stand furniture etc.

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