performance audit

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Performance Audit

A measurement and report of the effectiveness and results of certain business procedures. Performance audits are usually performed internally, and check to see that procedures have their intended effect. Unlike a compliance audit, which simply ensures that procedures are being followed, performance audits challenge the assumptions and goals of procedures, with an eye toward improving efficiency. A performance audit may recommend changes in procedures resulting from observed inefficiencies in existing procedures. See also: Audit, Assurance.

performance audit

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Tenders are invited for Payroll Divsion Internal Controls And Performance Audit
The participants appreciated the efforts being made by the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan, especially the international trainings on performance audit and disaster management.
The Registrar disclosed that the university had already conveyed its concerns to the Higher Education Department that it might be guided in the Performance Audit that the department intended to initiate in absence of the appropriate procedure/statutes.
I had approached MBC for a free performance audit of my practice last week.
Performance Audit and the Associated Services are Among Tools That are Formed to Assist Managers in Better Leading and Directing of Economic Units, so as to Help Managers Businesses By Evaluating Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economy in Businesses and Offering.
THE Centre has done little to beef up coastal security since the 26/ 11 attacks, a performance audit of the Indian Coast Guard ( ICG) carried out by the Comptroller and Auditor General shows.
Summary: Licences of two doctors have been revoked while two other professionals have been suspended temporarily as the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) starts a surprise performance audit of healthcare professionals in the emirate.
New Delhi, May 15 ( ANI ): Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh on Tuesday said that the performance audit of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) for all the States will be placed before Parliament in November this year.
Georgian auditors spoke about the reforms carried out in the legal system of public audit in recent years, and presented the results of the reforms in the Control Chamber on the implementation of international standards for financial audit and performance audit.
Presented by Lonsdale (Director-General, Value for Money Audit at the National Audit Office, UK), Wilkins (Deputy Ombudsman for Western Australia), and Ling (Director for Evaluation and Performance Audit, Rand Europe, UK), 15 chapters explore the development of performance audit regimes for measuring public sector performance in countries where performance auditing has a significant and well-established tradition: Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
When performance management of an agency or program is weak, a performance audit can identify those weaknesses and recommend, for example, improvements needed in how performance is measured, or in how performance data are used.

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