performance audit

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Performance Audit

A measurement and report of the effectiveness and results of certain business procedures. Performance audits are usually performed internally, and check to see that procedures have their intended effect. Unlike a compliance audit, which simply ensures that procedures are being followed, performance audits challenge the assumptions and goals of procedures, with an eye toward improving efficiency. A performance audit may recommend changes in procedures resulting from observed inefficiencies in existing procedures. See also: Audit, Assurance.

performance audit

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IT services management company Parallel Ltd has completed its three month network performance audit for the African Banking Corporation (ABC).
For technology functions, this means a performance audit of cost-benefits over approximately the past 10 years; this will include what was done well, what was done poorly, core skills and competences.
The Directors General of Audit informed that they were now allocating more resources for performance audit and special studies as compare to the previous year.
THE Centre has done little to beef up coastal security since the 26/ 11 attacks, a performance audit of the Indian Coast Guard ( ICG) carried out by the Comptroller and Auditor General shows.
Hegde also advocated for a right to recall lawmakers in state assemblies or Parliament based on a performance audit every year, saying people must know what their elected representatives were doing for their constituencies.
COBURG - Citing possible accounting irregularities, the City Council has ordered a performance audit of the city's 2003-04 books, accounts and finances.
Silva also served as State Budget Director for the State of Arizona, with the California Auditor General's Office, and in the Arizona's Auditor General's Office, where he established and administered a program and performance audit function of agencies scheduled for termination under Arizona's Sunset Law.
Designed to complement the company's voice and data systems integration expertise, the new services will address such areas as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), voice and data convergence, systems security, contact centre consulting and network performance audit.
In Chapter 3, the author shows how performance auditing can evaluate various programs' interrelationships, and the reader is walked through the areas of the audit needed for a successful performance audit.
The essential elements of a performance audit can be thought of as a high level review of how healthy a department is within itself, within a company, and to the world.
ab) audit includes regularity audit information technology audit, environmental audit, forensic audit, performance audit, management audit, special audit and any other kind of audit, report or analysis deemed appropriate by Auditor General.

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