percentage order

Percentage order

Used for listed equity securities. Market limited price order to buy/sell a specified percentage (usually 50%) of shares traded (sometimes after a fixed number of shares of the stock have already traded). See: participating buyer/seller, "Participate but do not initiate."

Percentage Order

A buy or sell order to a broker , with the added instruction to withhold executing the order until a certain number of shares in the security have been traded.

percentage order

A customer order to purchase or sell shares of a stock after a specified number of shares of the same stock have been traded.
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The nation's estimated religious percentages included Roman Catholics as the largest denomination at 30 percent, followed in percentage order by Baptists (16), Methodists (11), Lutherans (7), Jewish (4), and Presbyterians (4), among the 60 different religions.
The sales pipeline is healthy, and we are confident that we can deliver on our plan for percentage order growth in the high teens this year.
and percentage orders as well as through modeling and

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