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As the country enters the era of per capita income hovering over $30,000, Deputy Prime Minister Kim said the government will turn the focus of its economic policies to bringing tangible changes to public life.
This implies that per capita income variable as a whole can be explained by the variable of GRDP at CMV, GRDP at CP and Total Population/life.The result of the analysis of multiple linear regression model of table 1 is obtained by the following equation:
Average per capita income in old Greenwich: $115,502
Whatcom County's per capita income growth has tracked the state's numbers for the last several years, with a significant increase in 2014 following several years of almost no growth.
The strong per capita income increase has allowed a modest decrease in income inequality and a rather remarkable decrease in poverty, which, however, continues to be quite high.
The findings suggest that India is seven years behind China and possesses similar economic traits to those seen in China in 2003-04, when per capita income stood at $3500 on a PPP basis, where India currently stands today.
"Those numbers are far below the $48,400 the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports as per capita income in the United States, but they easily surpass the richest countries in continental Latin America- Uruguay with $15,500 per capita and Chile, with $15,400.
Bangladesh, whose per capita income was $1,700 in 2011, had the lowest level of physical inactivity (4.7 percent).
The Saudi per capita income in the gross domestic product (GDP) is likely to soar to SR116,900 ($31,172), said a report citing experts.
Summary: The price of 20 liters of gasoline in Lebanon as a share of per capita income in Lebanon is the 13th highest among 55 countries in the world, reported Byblos Bank Monday.
Financial Status of China & Asian's 4 Little Dragons Item Taiwan Singapore General Per capita income (US$) 20,600 50,700 economy Income distribution (time) 6.2 12.9 Economic growth (%) 4.8 5.3 Per capita outstanding government 6,200 41,300 debt(US$) Tax burden 2009 12.3 13.2 rate 2010 11.9 13.4 2011 12.2 -- (estimated) Item S.