per capita debt

Per capita debt

The total bonded debt of a municipality divided by the population of the municipality.
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Per Capita Debt

The amount of municipal debt divided by the number of persons in that municipality. Because most municipal bonds are guaranteed in some way by the municipality tax revenue, the number of taxpayers in that municipality is important in determining its ability to repay the bonds. As a result, credit ratings agencies use per capita debt in rating municipal bonds.
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per capita debt

The total debt of a municipality divided by the municipality's population. Financial analysts use per capita debt when evaluating a municipality's ability to repay its debt.
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The Republic of Ireland has the 3rd highest per capita debt in the developed world, even above that of Greece.
Per customer and per capita debt were low at $1,200 and $575, respectively.
The rate of per capita debt is, however, not much greater than that of two years ago and it would keep on growing as the government did not plan any debt retirement programme till now.
Our economy is not on a firm standing as Rupee-Dollar exchange rate is now 115 and per capita debt is Rs 130,000.
Japanese have a per capita debt of approximately Sh9 million!These figures are not supposed to encourage us to borrow more.
In 2008, the per capita debt - debt owed by each man, woman and child in the country - stood at Rs.
In March 2013 when the last government completed its tenure, per capita debt was PKR 84,011.
The rise in the value of the US dollar against the Turkish lira for the last two months increased Turkey's outstanding external debt by TL 116 billion, and this translated into an increase of TL 1,500 in per capita debt. Overall, Turkey had external debts amounting to $129 billion in 2002 when the AKP took the helm of the country's administration.
Per capita debt in the UAE stands at Dh348,650 and continues to rise.
First, most of the existing research uses per capita debt measures as the dependent variable.
Massachusetts per capita debt is $3,040, compared to $2,234 in Illinois.