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Per capita.

Per capita is the legal term for one of the ways that assets being transferred by your will can be distributed to the beneficiaries of your estate.

Under a per capita distribution, each person named as beneficiary receives an equal share. However, the way your will is drawn up and the laws of the state where the will is probated may produce different results if one of those beneficiaries has died.

For example, if you specify that your children inherit your estate per capita, in some states only those children who survive you would inherit. In other states your surviving children and the surviving descendants of your deceased children would receive equal shares. That could result in your estate being split among more heirs than if all your children outlive you.

per capita

Per head; per person. The term is most often encountered in estate planning, where assets may be left to heirs, per capita. In a per capita distribution, a predeceased heir's portion is shared equally among other heirs at the same level.

Example:  Beth leaves $900,000 to her heirs, per capita. She has three children, but two of them die before her. Each child would have received $300,000 if alive. Because the gift was per capita, the money is divided among only the children who survived Beth. In the following diagram, one child will receive the entire $900,000. The grandchildren—children of the predeceased children—receive nothing. Contrast with per stirpes, in which the share belonging to predeceased heirs would go to their own heirs. Using per stirpes distribution in the example, Jill takes only $300,000, Jack's children share $300,000, and Julie's children share

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In 2017Q3, the per capita national income grew by 5.
In lower MIT, the requirement for a country to be out of the lower middle income to upper middle income is that it should exceed the 28 year period and per capita income should grow at least at 4.
Kuwait is a small, relatively open economy and its citizens enjoy a per capita GDP (PPP) of $73,246.
The post Actual Individual Consumption per capita in Cyprus at 90% of EU average appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Across the state, per capita income grew in all but one county last year, according to the new estimates.
Overall, Tunisia ranked 89th globally, with per capita estimated at approximately $10,200 a year.
The BETAM research focuses on the evolution of the main factors that contributed to this striking per capita income increase at the beginning and its abrupt stop at the end of the research period.
GNI per capita (formerly GNP per capita) is the gross national income, converted to U.
The disproportionate high per capita consumption of rice in the UAE could be due to the skewed income distribution.
8 years, and health care costs per capita were calculated at $2,426 (or approximately NIS 8,800).
The highest level of GDP per capita in the EU27 was recorded in Luxembourg with a level of more than two and a half times the EU27 average.
Government data shows that Bulgaria's Northwestern Region, the poorest in the EU, had a per capita GDP of BGN 5A 576, or 62% of Bulgaria's average, in 2009, while the Southwestern region including Sofia, had a per capita GDP of BGN 15A 610, three times more.