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It can been seen that there is a increase in foam density with the increase of PEPS contents, which is probably due to the increase of PEPS particles embedded in the cell wall (18).
Therefore, Pep holders will possess the same freedom as ISA investors, being eligible to buy shares on stock exchanges anywhere in the world.
First, go direct to the firm selling the PEP to find out if there are any discounts.
Everyone over 18 has had the right to put money, or add money, into a PEP each tax year since 1986-87.
If you're not prepared to take any risk with your money, then steer clear of PEPs.
Indeed, all investors should regularly check to see if their Pep portfolio is still providing top-performance, value-for-money flexibility and quality of service.
As PEPs will be instantly transferable into ISAs in April next year, it makes sense to make the most of current tax breaks.
Financial advisers Chase de Vere's annual PEP Guide gives details of all general PEPs and their performances so far.
Celtic Investment Services said the club were the first in the UK to have their own PEP.
The Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds believes that some investors may be consolidating their various Peps with a single fund manager and other satisfied customers may be taking out their new Peps with managers they have used in previous years.
Its Income PEP fund turned pounds 1,000 into pounds 3,380 over five years and Jupiter's European unit trust PEP clocked up pounds 3,353.
You can even PEP your free shares on top of the taxman's normal annual limits of pounds 6,000 for a general PEP and pounds 3,000 for a single company PEP.