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Personal Equity Plan

An investment vehicle formerly used in the United Kingdom to encourage investment by small investors. PEPs could invest in unit trusts, investment trusts, and some other collective investment vehicles on an individual basis. Gains from PEPs were largely tax-free, though these privileges gradually eroded until individual savings accounts replaced PEPs entirely in 1999.

personal equity plan (PEP)

a scheme introduced by the Government in 1987 to encourage small savers to invest tax-free in UK ORDINARY SHARES. PEPs were replaced in 1999 by INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.

personal equity plan (PEP)

a scheme introduced by the UK government in 1987 to encourage small savers to invest tax-free in UK ORDINARY SHARES. PEPs were replaced in 1999 by INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.
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None of the family members reported cost or transportation as a specific deterrent to receiving PEP. The average distance from the patients' homes to the provincial medical center where PEP was available was 32.6 miles (range = 9.7-76.4 miles) (52.4 km [range = 15.6-123.0 km]) and time to travel was 78.5 minutes (range = 23-173 minutes).
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The non-profit PEP ecopassport Association defines, in compliance with the ISO 14025 requirements, the PEP ecopassport Program management process, for electrical, electronic and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration) products, with respect to professional ethics and transparency.
Marijuana can be used as a PEP or as a recreational drug (Heishman et al., 1997).
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