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A luxury apartment on the top floor of a high-rise building. Penthouses often take up multiple floors and are as large as or larger than some houses. Penthouses are very expensive and are marketed to the wealthy.


Originally, a home built on the roof of a high-rise building, giving the occupant complete privacy. By definition, each building could have only one penthouse. Today, the word is used for any number of apartments or condos on the topmost floors of a building, usually finished out in a very luxurious manner.

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The unobstructed views are what really sealed the deal for the buyer --Haber says they are arguably the best penthouse views in Manhattan.
Announcements on new Penthouse licensees are expected in 1Q18.
He is one of the few agents in town specialising in the penthouse market, has access to all quality-driven penthouses in town, both from the secondary market and also from the most prestigious developers.
Penthouse B is a 6,300 s/f residence with 330 s/f of private terrace space.
Jacky Wauters, independent sales agent/CEO of NOA Productions, who represents the Penthouse HD and 3D channels and the Penthouse VOD portfolio in Europe, says, "Sales of HD and 3D hardware including HD and 3D enabled televisions and HD/3D enabled set-top boxes have been on the rise for quite some time in Europe resulting in high consumer demand for top quality HD and 3D programming.
Hustler had last month said that it was preparing a branded HD channel that would also support some 3D programming, but it appears Penthouse has beaten them to it.
Realtors seem evenly split on whether the view or the size of a penthouse is more important to clients.
But he eventually lost his Penthouse empire due to Reagan-era censorship, a series of extravagant business failures and the Internet onslaught of free pornography.
Karl Properties, the developer behind the landmark development, is offering the opportunity to experience the views from the top floor of the 28-storey tower from within one of Obel's exclusive penthouse apartments.
The developers have left the penthouse as a shell so the buyer can work with them to add the finishing touches to their perfect living space.
The highest priced penthouse Meadgate has in South Wales is a pounds 675,000 penthouse in Penarth overlooking the Channel.
The exclusive penthouse in Cameron House is one of two apartments remaining at this prestigious development in Station Road, which is situated close to the centre of the village.