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A luxury apartment on the top floor of a high-rise building. Penthouses often take up multiple floors and are as large as or larger than some houses. Penthouses are very expensive and are marketed to the wealthy.


Originally, a home built on the roof of a high-rise building, giving the occupant complete privacy. By definition, each building could have only one penthouse. Today, the word is used for any number of apartments or condos on the topmost floors of a building, usually finished out in a very luxurious manner.

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The penthouses were designed by interior architect David Mann of MR Architecture + Decor.
Helen Clyne, Managing Director for a2z Services, says "a2z Services enjoys working with well-known, powerful brands and we are excited to add Penthouse to our list of partners.
Realtors seem evenly split on whether the view or the size of a penthouse is more important to clients.
Karl Properties, the developer behind the landmark development, is offering the opportunity to experience the views from the top floor of the 28-storey tower from within one of Obel's exclusive penthouse apartments.
A three bedroom, three bathroom penthouse there costs pounds 400,000 - putting it on a par with the UK average penthouse price of pounds 438,818 - with the two-bedroom penthouses costing pounds 385,000 and pounds 289,995.
With these proceeds, Penthouse will launch Penthouse broadcast networks.
City Quay,Docklands,a new-build duplex penthouse sits in a superb location overlooking the Liverpool waterfront.
These are seen as 'must have' penthouses, ' said sales manager Steve Russell.
Russell Scott says: "You can pay up to 40 per cent more for the penthouse than the flats underneath it, but the penthouse apartment is usually a lot larger than neighbouring flats, and you often find that the price per square foot is actually much better value.
4) German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, right, and wife Hannelore are suing Penthouse for publishing a cartoon nude of Hannelore.
Said Cathy Taub of Stribling Marketing Associates, "The two remaining penthouses are the ideal residences for sophisticated buyers who appreciate the quality and uniqueness of design for which Tamarkin has received critical acclaim.
The Venus Fair is a great venue for Penthouse to interact with our European fans and further establish our footprint in the territory.