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Isaac and Law are also directors of Chartsearch Financial Services and publishers of the authoritative publication Penny Share Focus, aimed at investors who like to dabble in the stock market.
But the group warned that penny shares tend to be highly volatile and the insider tips were usually rubbish.
Steve, a financial adviser, says: "I enjoy picking penny shares.
They accentuated the benefits of investing in the penny shares recommended by Highbury without 'clear and fair mention of material risks in shares generally and penny shares in particular'.
If you only intend to buy penny shares now and again, or even make a one-off purchase, take a look at the Share Centre at this site.
BRIAN STOCKBRIDGE, Craig Whyte, Malcolm Murray, money's tight, Lloyd's Bank, Bill Ing, Rafat Rizvi, Dave King, Norman Crighton, Richard Hughes, Ticketus, penny shares, buy into Rangers if you dare, James Easdale, Charles Green, Jim McColl, you've heard them all.
In a year when many Birmingham and West Midlands stockbrokers pinned their hopes of our promised magnum of champagne on penny shares, CYC started out at a fraction of a penny.
This ultimately allows directors to approach anyone of their choosing, without the backing of existing shareholders, and look for loans that can be converted to penny shares.
It was also a year when penny shares threw off the brightest sparks.
Prior said: "The nail in Stockbridge's coffin are resolutions nine and 10 at the agm, which allow directors to seek loans from individuals they choose, with the debt converted to penny shares.