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Dave Anderson led the way on peg three with 13-11-13.
To fabricate the PEG/AB composites, the PEGs with various average molecular weights were first melt at 50-70[degrees]C, and then the AB was slowly added under stirring and vacuum.
(1-3) There are two typical designs of glenoid components, namely keel or peg. Keel designs, as compared to peg designs, require more bone resection and also more cement and have been associated with increased rotation and translation, (4) as well as increased radiolucent lines.
The PEGs with higher molecular weights showed a stronger tendency toward crystallization and higher crystallinity.
For technical reason, large uplift [w.sub.max] of densely located pegs relatively to the spacing [t.sub.k] has been applied.
The topper band should now be evenly stretched around the central peg.
Rob Emery from peg 105 just above the road bridge and C Stockton from peg 103 at Bowesfield tied for fifth place with 2lb 3oz.
Derek Bennett (Preston/Saints) again showed his skills on the tip with a second-placed 13.13.0 from peg 155 on the dam wall.
Between now and then, the peg is still Hong Kong's best option for maintaining systemic stability.
Distinguishable by its slightly damaged tail, the 12lb monster fell to Kevin Millard's bomb and pellet approach on peg 31.
The lower inflation was not however driven by the difference in currency pegs.
Nations in the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (Cemac), Brunei and Ecuador all have fixed pegs.