payment date

Payment date

The date on which shareholders of record will be sent a check for the declared dividend.

Payment Date

The dates on which stockholders are sent dividend payments. That is, the payment dates are the dates where stockholders receive dividends that they are either guaranteed (for preferred stock) or that was previously declared by the company (for common stock). Payment dates are fixed for preferred stock because the dividends are contractually guaranteed; however, they may change for common stock, particularly when the company changes its plowback rate. See also: Interest Dates.

payment date

The date on which a dividend will be paid to stockholders or on which interest will be paid to bondholders by the issuers' paying agents. In some cases, the issuers will have the payments made a day early so that the security holders will receive payment on the payment date.
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The 'Dividend Payment Date - Correction' announcement
b) on or before the first anniversary of the Payment Date, a payment of $25,000;
25 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Directors of Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC) today announced that the record date for the December 15, 1998 dividend payment date on its Series B 6% Convertible Exchangeable Preferred Stock will be December 1, 1998.
HAMILTON, Bermuda -- Scottish Re Group Limited ("Scottish Re" or the "Company") announced today that it has declared and will pay a dividend on its Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Shares, liquidation preference of $25 per share (the "Perpetual Preferred Shares"), for the October 15, 2012 dividend payment date, and that it has issued a mandatory Potential Dividend Suspension Notice in respect of the Perpetual Preferred Shares for the January 15, 2013 dividend payment date.
Shareholders who sell their shares on or before the payment date of June 6, 2007, will also be selling their right to receive the special dividend.
Pearl Asian Coordinating Closely with NASDAQ to Obtain Payment Date for Stock Dividend of 1 Common Share in PGMC for Every 100 Shares of PAIM
NASDAQ: PHSYA) announced that it has changed the payment date for its recently declared stock dividend to June 10, 1992 from June 19, 1992.
15, 2006 payment date with the use of principal proceeds to cover any interest shortfall.
The class B noteholders reached an agreement with Dresdner Bank, with whom they had a $10 million letter of credit, to redeem 100% of the notes on the July 17, 2006 payment date and thus are no longer outstanding.
The dividend distribution represents acceleration in the declaration, record, and payment date of the Fund's regularly scheduled monthly dividend for January 2007.