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Paying the media also jeopardizes their important role as unbiased observers in society.
It's not necessarily the best policy to use up all spare cash paying off debts, however.
They begin setting money aside in October and do so by paying the minimum on credit cards for Octo ber, November, and December and by foregoing restaurant meals and entertainment.
If taxpayers are paying a huge premium to public school teachers merely because they belong to powerful unions and work in unpleasant environments, then the costs of failing to reform the system are indeed substantial.
As reported by REW in the past, it is also not unusual for rent control tenants paying a small rent to reconstruct their apartments, refinish bathrooms and kitchens and bring in their own painter, since they have plenty of money to do so by not paying a fair market rent.
Paying these premiums pretax saves the employee federal income and Social Security taxes.
The amount I wind up paying is money well spent because of the convenience and time savings," she asserts, "Now I can pay bills at virtually any time, from my home, my office, or my laptop if I'm on a business trip.
Albert in benefiting from services provided to her must bear the costs involved in paying for those services.
If faced with the prospect of paying both sides' lawyers' bills, Peters said, plaintiffs would not bring frivolous suits and defendants would not use delaying tactics to prolong cases they know they will eventually lose.
For example, CalPERS criticized ITT for paying its CEO Rand Araskog $30 million over a four year period during which the company's stock fell 10 percent.
The distinct advantage of this approach over a rabbi trust, or any other approach to paying supplemental retirement or deferred compensation benefits, is that secular trust funds are not subject to claims of the company's creditors.